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Dr. Miriam Candelaria Rodríguez González and Ms. Catarina Lourenço Delfino from the KU Leuven EOS team participate in an outreach activity dag van de wetenschap held at Leuven (November 2019)

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-29 at

The theme of the activity centered around various microscopy techniques and the systems studied using these techniques. The above mentioned members presented the research carried out in the laboratory of Prof. Steven De Feyter to the general public. The members presented two posters titled the exciting world of visualizing molecules and (nano)surfaces and nature – a deep relationship. Since it was not feasible to conduct demonstrations using the original setups, the members designed simple props and materials to explain the world of scanning probe techniques. The audience that visited these sessions were from all age groups. School children in particular were excited about these techniques and their enthusiasm made this activity successful.

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